​​Peruta v. San Diego Likely 

Headed to US Supreme Court

June 22, 2015

According to California law a person applying for their Second Amendment right to carry concealed must: 1) be a resident of their respective city or county, 2) be of “good moral character,” and 3) have “good cause” for such a license. 

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The 2nd Amendment exists to prevent tyranny, repel invasion, and for self-defense.

The solution is in your hand.

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The U.S. Constitution does not grant or create rights; it recognizes and protects rights that inherently exist. 


​​SAF Lauds Puerto Rico Court Victory for Gun Rights. 

June 22, 2015

BELLEVUE, WA – A surprising victory for gun rights in Puerto Rico has eliminated the firearms registry and licensing requirements to purchase and carry in the Commonwealth, the Second Amendment Foundation has confirmed.  More...



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​​Firearms Makers Vie for Huge Army Contract 

June 30, 2015

The XM17 - the Army's new modular handgun system - will replace the venerable Beretta M9 which is currently in service.


California law also allows cities and other municipalities to pass even stricter gun-control laws. So, though many rural California counties accept self-defense as “good cause,” some urban sheriffs and chiefs of police opted not to; in fact, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore denied almost everyone.  More...