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​​​Gun Shop Bans Muslims

July 21, 2015

INVERNESS, FL (Pop. 7,210) – About an 

hour NW from Disney World at Orlando, a Florida gun shop owner has announced a new store policy: No Muslims! 

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2nd Amendment

The U.S. Constitution does not grant or create rights; it recognizes and protects rights that inherently exist. 


​​​Gov Walker OK's Arming WI

National Guard

July 21, 2015

MADISON, WI – "Allowing our National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty gives them the tools they need to serve and protect our citizens, as well as themselves. 



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​​​Walker joins governors in six other states, including Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, in calling for National Guard members to be armed. MORE...

​​​In this video, Andy Hallinan, owner of Florida Gun Supply calmly, clearly communicates his view point regarding The Stars & Bars, racism, political corrections and why he has declared his store a "Muslim-free Zone".  MORE...

​​Firearms Makers Vie for Huge Army Contract 

June 30, 2015

The XM17 - the Army's new modular handgun system - will replace the venerable Beretta M9 which is currently in service.


The 2nd Amendment
exists to prevent
tyranny, repel
invasion, and for

The solution is in your hand.

​​​Brave, Armed Kurdish Muslim Women: Battling ISIS

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