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COMP-TAC's Randi Rogers Wins Again!

HOUSTON, TX - Randi Rogers has won her sixth Ladies title.

Tulsa OK hosted the 2014 International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) National Championship.

Overall, Randi finished third of 28 Stock Service Pistol (SSP) Masters and 11th in a field of 358 top competitors with a blistering, record finish final time of 272.79 this very prestigious shooting event.

Randi said, "It was very challenging and a great way to kick-off the busy Fall shooting season."

The Firearms Channel wishes Randi and her illustrious teammates success at the upcoming USPSA Handgun National Championships at St. George, UT.

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Beretta Moving to Tennessee

Beretta USA currently headquartered at Accokeek, MD, announces their plans to move its manufacturing capabilities from its existing location to a new production facility at Gallatin, TN.

Scheduled to open mid-2015, Beretta plans to transition all of their operations to  the Gallatin facility.

Beretta reached their decision to relocate after the Maryland State legislature passed the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 that would have prohibited Beretta from manufacturing, storing, and importing their products.

Over the next five years, Beretta plans to invest $45 million dollars into their new building and equipment. They also plan to employ approximately 300 people.

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Book Review.

By Max Martin - 2014

I've reviewed literally hundreds of guns and have read any number of books. Now, (somebody pinch me), I get to review my first book about - you guessed it - guns!

101 Classic Firearms by John Marshall is an absolutely brilliant historical homage to some of the great guns the the past 150 years. The writing is thoughtfully brief yet comprehensive.  The data is insightful and interesting. And, the artfully-crafted photographic images are quite pleasing to the eye. This book is easy to enjoy and worthy of your coffee table or library. If you like guns and history, get this book. Get more. This book also makes a great birthday or holiday gift. Order today at Dillon Precision.