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Sergeant Prepper

We Believe...

The looming threat of catastrophic failure of our communications systems, economies, and other vital infrastructures due to natural and/or human-caused disaster is absolutely real.

When the "SHTF" - and it will - the fabric of law & order will be torn. The Ill-prepared (aka: "Zombie Horde") will try to devour the resources of the provident (aka: Preppers")

Therefore, we, The Zombie Defiance League (ZLD), a beacon of light in dark times, will help you prepare for the inevitable "Zombie Apocalypse".  Persevere with purpose and confidence.

Zombie Prepper -- September is National Preparedness Month. For more info, visit:

"Ladies and Gentleman. My name is Sergeant Prepper and I am your Senior Drill Instructor. My mission is to train you to become the best "Prepper" you can be for yourself, your family, and your country.

A "Prepper" is someone who has an action plan. Here, you will gain plenty of useful information and learn valuable skills that, someday, may save your life and the lives of others.

A "Prepper" is a self-reliant individual - a person who is ready, in advance, of any changes in normal circumstances in order to minimize the effects of those changes. A self-reliant individual (SRI) depends on his or her talents and abilities to overcome challenges. For example, an SRI can, when called upon, perform necessary home and auto repairs or emergency first aid.

A "Prepper" is self-sufficient individual who depends on his or her own resources to overcome challenges. For example, an SRI has the necessary tools, parts, and equipment to take care of business.

Speaking of resources, put together a "72 Hour Kit". Though circumstances vary according to the nature of the disaster, geography, climate, economics, etc., here is a general list of the core and support items you will want to keep in your "72 Hour Kit".


  • WATER - Stay hydrated. Get plenty of bottled water, water filters & purifiers, and chemical tablets. Note: One gallon of water weighs 8.34lbs. Store a minimum of one gallon of water per adult per day. NOTE: Boiling water is still the most-effective way of getting rid of any nasty pathogens in H2O. So be sure to have all the necessary equipment on-hand for this vital task. FACTOID: Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. But getting water to 185 degrees for a few minutes will be enough to make good drinkable water. Remember to bring along a durable thermometer.
  • FOOD - Store foods that are quick and easy to prepare. When it becomes necessary to survive on your "72 Hour Kit" try to consume about 2,000 calories per day. Get MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) and high-calorie energy bars. NOTE: Because the body needs extra water to digest proteins, try low-protein energy bars. Remember, multivitamins store well, too.
  • FIRST-AID - Store as much as your training allows. Quick Tip: Keep Imodium in your bag. It can help stop diarrhea and restore balance to your digestive system. Money saving tip: Generally speaking, you're better off putting together your own medical kit vs. buying a prepackaged medical kit.
  • DEFENSE - Whether it's guns, knives, or pepper stray, like first-aid, store as much as your training allows. SUGGESTION: Store 250 rounds of ammo per firearms.


  • CASH - bills and coins sufficient for your needs
  • CLOTHES - gloves, hat, sturdy shoes, socks, sunglasses, underwear
  • COMMUNICATIONS - crank/solar-powered radio, police whistle, two-way radios
  • FUEL/POWER - batteries, propane, water-proof matches, lighters
  • LIGHT - candles, LED flashlights, light-sticks
  • TOOLS - axe, can opener, crowbar, mallet, paracord, sewing kit, spork, shovel, twine 
  • SANITATION - hand-sanitizer, tooth brush & paste, toilet paper, and trash bags. Side Note: Often, CHOLERA kills more people after a disaster than the actual disaster. 
  • OTHER - maps & compass, paper & pens, flint & striker, zip ties & carabiners, and remember to bring some duct-tape - perfect for fixing a tear to clothes and skin.


Keep your "72 Hour Kit" updated and ready to go at a moment's notice. Depending on your physical conditioning, do not pack more than you can comfortably carry for several miles at any one time. Because individual needs vary, the above-mentioned core and support items are merely suggestions.

The core and support items are in no way presented as a comprehensive or all encompassing list of the emergency preparedness items you will need in the event they become necessary.

This info is designed to stimulate thought and to convert that thought into decisive action. Remember, during a natural or human-caused disaster (aka: SHTF), your survival depends entirely on you.


The best advice I can give you is this: Invest in knowledge. When times get tough, it will serve you well.

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